The god-emperor suits up his armor for battle

Being a strategic far-thinker that he is, Donald Trump must already be contemplating variables that go into the 2024 primaries and election. I support Trump 100% because I’m not a wheedling moralizing two-bit cookie-crumbling namby pamby nothing. Besides, he entertains me. He brings light to a dark theater. Trump appears bigly on the screen. He […]

The problems of love

I am entering a relationship phase with a new girl in my life. Let’s call her “g.” It’s close enough to her real name or middle name. G and me are sympatico in so many ways. I think if I even wanted to have a three-way she would agree. (After some firm cajoling and breast-grabbing […]

Story: And Gandalf failed…

“And Gandalf failed …” a short story by Catxman The wizard stood on a ledge of stone, at the very tip, where it petered off into nothingness, squinting. In the mist in the distance stood a huge shape, 20 feet high. Its biceps muscles were almost as tall as Gandalf himself was. Gandalf muttered to […]

Spinning plates

If you have spare time you may want to consider dating more than one girl at the same time. It takes less time than you think and the exhilaration of having multiple chicks in your Love Power makes that slight extra effort worth it. A few things. Don’t call any girl by her name. It’s […]

Making love: better in the dark or with lights on

I go with lights on. It’s like Enrique Iglesias sings, he wants to see what’s going on. When you’re in the dark, it could be anybody down there below. Theoretically, it could even be a guy! Ha ha! There’s a pretty scene for a comedy. No, lights on are the way to go. 67% full […]

Add vanilla to chocolate

The Epic Rap Battle of History between Elvis and Michael Jackson is interesting. Divided into two sections, and full of energy and verve, the king of rock ‘n roll and king of pop square off against each other. In section one is Thin Elvis and Childish Michael. In the finishing section is Fat Elvis and […]

Am I an alpha male?

A female reader asks the question, doubtfully. We have a battle between two girls. One girl wants me to jettison my “vile misogyny.” Another girl wants me to keep it if it means I’m alpha thereby. Who’s right? First of all, I had already decided before they weighed in. But it’s an interesting battle, so […]

A new concept of the Family Four

Imagine a bonded political unity of white European people stretching from Vladivostok all the way west to Portugal, then across the ocean to the Americas down to Tierra del Fuego, then back up to Alaska opposite Vladivostok from where you started. It would also include “non-Family Four” smaller partners like Australia and South Africa. The […]

Tomorrow’s tomorrows

Who can count the days of the future? Not you. Not I. It all reminds me of the red on black digital Debt Clock which adds up the money for government debt in total and divided by individual. That’s one way to look at the future. Bleakly. Another way is to print out a bunch […]

Destruction of relationships

You fall in love. It’s great … for a while. Then cold eddies of mist seep into the seeming inviolate structure. Your House of Love is penetrated by termites and cold rot. Then it tilts … tilts … CRASH! The House of Love has hit the ground. You’re left leaning on your left elbow on […]