End game: Russia

Ah Russia, sweet Russia! Still firing them howitzers in the golden-fielded West. Still ignoring the declamations of the rulers of the West! How could they? Russia has three stages to master. The first two stages were the preparation for a Ukraine assault and the actual warfare. The third, and end-game stage, is getting friendly with […]

Story: Terminator Blues

The Terminator was in the valley, hunting humans. It scanned from left to right without end. Its vision was in red, red like blood, red like iron. The Terminator was made of titanium, strong and inflexible. There were people down there, it knew. Tribes of humans had come together to try and defeat its kind. […]

The ether (OVR)

People choose to remember what is important to them personally. But it’s more than that. They choose to remember that which has been presented to them powerfully. The dance of presentation imprints itself on the mind’s eye. Think of something like natural gas. Natural gas is like electricity: it is an important concept that is […]

Negotiating with chicks

Here is an excerpt from this month’s backlog of ZMan’s quotations. Read closely: In the business world, all negotiations start with a central question. Is there a deal to be made that both sides will accept? There is no point in negotiating if one or both sides is not willing to strike a deal. Salesmen […]

Personal update (O.D. Central)

I have the best location in the city of Vancouver. The middle of the Entertainment District. Most nights, you spill onto the street and the city is roaring with twentysomething visitors from outside the District. How many of them, I wonder, will die of a drug overdose? This last week, two residents of my building […]

Easy money

. . . . . . . Money. Big money. It’s out there, waiting for you to grab it like an octupus. . . . . . . . The problem is, everybody else wants to grab it, and it’s a limited supply. That means it takes real determination, talent, and effort to get it. […]

The magic of movie theaters

. . . . . . . It’s hard to believe there was actually a time when movie theaters felt “threatened” by television. Back then, movie actors made buckets of cash. Supposedly, this was going to come to an end. . . . . . . . Fast forward to the 2020s and movie stars […]

Zero null religious-system

. . . . . . . The lack of religion in modern-day times harkens back to the pantheons of ancient Greco-Roman society. Religion was an off-thought then, too. People acknowledged the gods, but didn’t pay any particular attention to them. When a war was fought, and lost, then the god of war might be […]

Benjamin Elitist

. . . . . . . Who makes the future? . . . . . . . Who designs what it looks like? . . . . . . . Some thinkers believe that there are no elite-sets working on the future. Others, believe that groups like Davos are responsible for all of it. […]