Winning for the nazis during world war II

“Clever and attractive women do not want to vote; they are willing to let men govern as long as they govern men.” — George Bernard Shaw

. . . . . . . The Nazis see two scenarios for victory during WW2. The first scenario involves Dunkirk, the second scenario — longer and more costly — involves consolidation followed by lashing-out.

SCENARIO 1: Dunkirk

. . . . . . . Slightly more than one week in length, lasting May 26, 1940 to June 4, 1940, the Dunkirk Situation involved a pocket of last anti-Nazi resistance against the overwhelming might of the onrushing German army and air force. The British Expeditionary Force was trapped against the coastline, struggling to hold on. Meanwhile, Hitler called a halt to active German operations.

. . . . . . . If Hitler had instead ordered a full-on blitzkrieg, the English would’ve been killed. The spiraling depression of such news would have knocked Britain out of the war for sure. No Winston Churchill entreaties would have saved the isles from giving up; indeed, they would have rushed to sue for peace after that. But it was not to be. Hitler stalled, and the evacuation by boat allowed everyone to escape, scot-free, back to the green islands. They would come back during D-Day — beside the mighty Americans.

SCENARIO 2: Consolidation

. . . . . . . Rather than attack the might of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 (this website was launched June 22, 2021, exactly 80 years later) the Germans could have held off.

. . . . . . . They could have proceeded with an orderly, patient reorganization of the European continent, dividing them into new German provinces with German-language schools, German laws & rules, and German ways of doing things. After perhaps 5 years of waiting and consolidation, then they could have assaulted the USSR. With the help of European allied states and drafts of General Europeans into the Nazi German armies, it would have been an effortless big win for the Nazis in World War 2.5 over Stalin. It’s even entirely possible that Stalin would have died earlier in this new timeline, leading the Russians to be rudderless, without a strong leader. Without a strong leader, they would have been even weaker in their defenses.

. . . . . . . The point of the two scenarios is to illustrate that the Germans didn’t have to lose. Actually, in fact, they were the number one contender in the series of survival changes that took place on the European Continent from 1939 to 1945. With the largest European population outside of Russia, and the strongest industry, and the best fighters, they should have by all rights won it all. It seems likely that Hitler was influenced by malign forces against his own will to act deterimentally to his long-term plans; such manipulations could only have taken place by a group close to him, but one which could feign its affections and instead kiss the blade that was meant to slide soundlessly into Hitler’s exposed body.

. . . . . . . The manipulations of Hitler go down in history (future history) as one of the most shocking betrayals of a man by his own people possible.

. . . . . . . Now who would it have been possible to have held a hand in that?


2 thoughts on “Winning for the nazis during world war II

    1. The Fuhrer was not naturally clueless. He was misdirected.

      I suspect Napoleon was also steered wrong by malign forces set against his many triumphant starts.

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