New elites for old

“God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.” — Otto von Bismarck

. . . . . . . Independence Day represents the victory of a new elite over an old one. When the American elite wanted to displace its British cousins, they stirred up a bunch of bullshit about “atrocities” and “horrible rights-of-man violations” and presto! George Washington was rowing across the Delaware, serving the South, serving America!

. . . . . . . America has always been the land of hope and promise. In order to get to heaven, they needed to throw off the shackles of British rule. Parliament in London, and the King, would always have a short-sighted, mortal view of the United States. The immortal destiny of America, and its arrival in paradise, would depend on a local body of high officials who had achieved elite status for themselves in the course of their lives. And what defined an elite man of the Colonies? His financial status. His wealth.

. . . . . . . America’s elite simply wanted to rule for themselves. They fabricated “atrocities” so that they could achieve this goal. They were tired of laboring under England’s suzeraignty and wanted free rein to do as they pleased. They had plans for the new colonies: new canals to build, new lands to settle, new ideas to circulate freely. As long as the English lords sat in parliament in London, those lords could block any native American plans at any time they chose. That was intolerable. So the American elite revolted.

. . . . . . . Benjamin Franklin said it best: We all must hang together, or we shall hang separately. The elite needed to take a risk to get established, flying freestyle, but they had to work together to accomplish their goals. The British would hang any traitor to the crown who dared raise his head, but America was established. It had been started in the very early 1600s and now was the late 1700s … generations had passed. It was time for the child to be treated as a man. So a new American elite wanted to lead that country to the promised land.

. . . . . . . Elites jousting elites are nothing new. In Roman times, the popular citizens’ elite would contest with the noblemen’s elite, each seeking ultimate power. In Japan, the old elite was challenged by an intellectual elite in the Meiji Restoration that wanted to open up the nation to new ideas and new thoughts.

. . . . . . . Common citizens are just playthings in the machinery of the higher-ups. Even today, in our supposed democracies, the men who go to the Ivy League (Harvard and Yale, Princeton and the rest) form networks and work with one another to maintain their elite status. Two hundred and fifty years ago, the elite was similar. They rose up from obscurity like Benjamin Franklin and then once they made it, they networked with one another to form friendships and alliances, like Alexander Hamilton with George Washington.

. . . . . . . Bloggers are the same way. In our own day, game theorists Heartiste and Roosh V. met in Washington, D.C. as friends and sometimes allies at an outdoor restaurant. They sent a piece of paper to some girls. The paper had boxes on it. It said DO YOU WANT US YES NO MAYBE. YES was a huge box to be checked in, and NO and MAYBE were tiny boxes which were almost impossible to check. The bloggers were unified in their desire to have chicks and knew one each other remotely. Every elite is like that. You become popular, and you want to know the popular kids. This is a natural, repeating phenomenon throughout the ages.

. . . . . . . The American elite had the enormous advantage of preexisting democracies in their territories. With the existence of democracies, they could form committees and make resolutions that were binding upon their peoples. Democracy conferred legitimacy upon their elites’ machinations. Through shadowy deals in backrooms, the country was formed, and democracy gave a stamp of okay-ness to the whole shebang.

. . . . . . . Shadowy deals are the name of elites. The Trilateral Commission and, today, meetings in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, act as negotiators to decide for the masses what they should be doing. They feel a sense of noblesse oblige that stirs their tiny, shriveled hearts and makes them stand up patriotically and sing, The world is free! Yes, it’s free. Free to obey your elite whims.

. . . . . . . The early Americans were writers. They wrote the Federalist papers, arguing back and forth what kind of nation should come into being. The Constitution is the written conclusion to a series of abortive attempts at consensus. Again, democracy and civil rights conditioned the kind of America that was to come into being. Although Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong federal government and a financial colossus in America, Thomas Jefferson, the yeoman farmer’s advocate, opposed him. Hamilton would never be made president, while Jefferson would, but it was Hamilton’s elite vision which would directly lead to the Wall Street behemoth of today. The 2008 panic was the offspring of Hamilton as Hamilton would have approved of the banks being given the power to make tranches of home debt and to sell them internationally. It was a bungled elite plan intended to skim off the weak and the poor.

. . . . . . . The American elite used common troops in Washington’s army to hold off and ultimately defeat the British redcoats. These common troops rebelled at the end when they weren’t paid. Washington had to take out his glasses and give a speech about being made old in the service of the nation to stir their heart strings. At that time, the elites’ new creation was a fragile baby. It needed pampering and gentle care to thrive.

. . . . . . . With ten thousand factories and a hundred major cities, the founders’ dream has come true. America has reached nirvana. It has a thriving middle class that has an annual household income of US$53,413 to US$106,827 and votes regularly. There is a stable, and intact, society that resists far-right militia groups and white ethnostate separatists with ease. America isn’t going anywhere. It has already beaten the Nazis and the Communists to emerge as the world’s elite. From earliest national beginnings in the 1770s to world colossus in the 2000s, America is the place to get educated at university and the place to make your mark economically with new corporations or imports. America will not be denied. It stands today at the crossroads of empire or democracy. A simple flick of the pen could bring America imperial rule across the globe, and the American elite could absorb all the elites of other countries close into its own heart and bosom. The choice is America’s to make. I once thought Donald Trump might be the precipitator of such a global elite set-up, but he was driven out of office by fearful and angry Democrats, left-wingers who disliked his popular appeal and authoritarian streak. It was his authoritarianism that made me feel he would raise the Senate to an Imperial Senate and himself as God-Emperor. There was always an underlying meme streak in popular culture that had Trump as the God-Emperor. What better role for God-Emperor than emperor of the world??? But no. It was not to be. However, there’s always 2024 and the new election when Trump might make his comeback if he isn’t too old to make it. He does seem to lean on the podium an awful lot … but old men have been tyrants before. This time if he seizes power he won’t make the same mistake of being gentle with his opponents, that’s for sure. So power might flow from Washington to Berlin, London, Sydney and all the capitals of the world as America seizes them in a magnetic field and draws them close to the heart of world empire …

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