TV: Trump interview

“My Democratic friends just can’t accept the fact that the American people chose Donald Trump to be president – it’s called democracy. My advice to them, and I say this gently: Fill out a ‘Hurt Feelings Report’ and let’s move on.” — John Kennedy

. . . . . . . This classic TV clip shows why Donald J. Trump was elected president. Smooth as buttermilk, more solid than a rock, Trump comes across as totally presidential in this video vignette. He is asked questions ranging from Iran to refugees and isn’t stymied once. You have to realize the difficulty in answering these questions. There is a natural hesitation that would breed in most people’s responses, and it would poison the dialogue. But when you’re on the ball — as Trump is — the questions are like water off your back. They’re easy.

4 thoughts on “TV: Trump interview

    1. Good to see you again Salsa. We missed you.

      Yeah, Trump lost out on the popular vote AGAIN — and this time there was no electoral collage to save him. I’m realistic enough to admit that Trump lost, even though I support the guy. He’s an interesting man, unlike most of those clones we call politicians. When he mimicked Rubio sweating by throwing water from a water bottle around, it was funny. The Donald did unpredictable things. That’s why he was so lovable. People like to be pleasantly surprised. Trump lost, in the end, because he was UNPLEASANTLY surprising people. Plus he let himself get pinned down by the Dems on the Russia collusion thing.

      1. Considering that he lost the election, his denials and efforts to remain in power are downright dangerous. It proves he was never fit to be President. Republicans are welcome to their views on issues but not to contending the election was stolen and seeking to overturn a valid election.

        1. A lot can be forgiven Trump when you factor in the fact that he’s a New Yorker. They’re an immature, highly emotional bunch — fugeddaboutit — and they live in a world of their own with its own rules. In Trump’s world, willpower is the difference between reality and fake news. His will is strong, so he figures he can bend the truth a bit. That’s how I see it anyways. He was constantly exaggerating and distorting facts while in office (and I love the guy!) and that shows that reality was malleable for him. In the world of big talking New Yorkers, he who has the largest bullhorn gets to make the most reality. It’s why he was so good on TV.

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