2024: year of the god-emperor

“Trump is, in part, a reaction to the intellectual corruption of the Republican Party. That ought to be obvious to his critics, yet somehow it isn’t.” — Tucker Carlson

DISCLAIMER: I love Donald Trump. He is, in fact, the only politician in the history of my long life (it feels long) whom I would vote for gladly, or at all. Does he have flaws? Sure. Would Catxman make a better politician than the Donald? Indubitably. But for the sake of my peaceful night’s rest, I can rest assured with Donald at the helm. And there’s good news.

. . . . . . . Donald J. Trump may be back in 2024. If he is, I predict he’ll win this time.

. . . . . . . This time around he has the Republican Party apparatus on his side. The #Nevertrump crowd has almost all melted away. The party is bent over for the assfucking of its life and is going gay in its anticipation of a strongman coming to rescue their prospects.

. . . . . . . The Republicans have always wanted a tyrant like McCarthy during the Red Scare of the Fifties. They’ve longed, but he’s never appeared.

. . . . . . . Now that Trump’s been through his trial by fire, and is still foaming at the mouth with fearsome wrath, the Republicans are turning into his nice little bitches. And Biden is helping the process along.

. . . . . . . Biden is weak. Every month that passes exposes his weakness that much more. Trump has always given off an image of strength. The further he moves in time from the Russia collusion thing and the bad news of the pandemic, the better he looks.

. . . . . . . It was coronavirus / Covid 19 that put the death’s ribbon on the Democratic gift of his exile.

. . . . . . . It was the Russia collusion thing that made Donald look weak. The Democrats are widely recognized as the party of weaklings, yet here they were, stunning Trump with tasers of inquiry and kicking him when he was down. No authoritarian figure can tolerate that and retain his image for long.

. . . . . . . Yet Trump may make his strong reappearance in 2023, a year before the election. That would be the timing I’d seek if I were him. Stay out of the limelight for awhile and then pop up like a Jack In The Box, saying hello! Miss me?

. . . . . . . His triumph the second time around would be especially sweet. And this time he wouldn’t make any mistakes about announcing in public, “Russia, can we check into their [Democrats’] computer servers?”

. . . . . . . He’s a learning machine, is our Teflon Don. The Donald has the capacity to change and adapt — it explains his success in the construction business for five decades.

. . . . . . . As a brash New Yorker, he’s used to being battered around. As the victory curtain goes up in 2024, though, there is Trump, standing in the limelight, savoring it.

. . . . . . . Trump is strong. Unfortunately for soft-hearted people everywhere, we live in a tough world. If you give up every time adversity rears its ugly head, you’re sunk before you start.

. . . . . . . The trick is to pick your battles wisely and husband your strength. You don’t want to be living the Tasmanian Devil of cartoon fame, always spinning around. You want to be more like Bugs Bunny, defying convention with a carrot in your mouth. You’ll notice the Donald only lashes back when his ground is being tread upon. The rest of the time he is polite and considerate.

. . . . . . . Donald Trump is the bobo doll of politics.

. . . . . . . Donald J. Trump was always feared by the twink-like hipsters of the Democratic party. They thought he was going to unleash the stormtroopers on them. Their overreaction was a sign of their guilt for four decades of running roughshod over the American Republic in general and the so-called red states in particular.

. . . . . . . The scared Left-Wingers were unreasonable in their behavior. The most scared of them are the most unhinged of them all. They project onto their opponents what’s in their own hearts. (The Left are masters of psychological projection, again a prerogative of the weak.) And in their hearts is the desire for their adversaries to go away, “just die dammit! just die!” They’re too squeamish to get blood on their hands, but their blood death wish for the right wingers remains nonetheless. Trump squashes this all and says fuck you, loser.

. . . . . . . Biden could have a chance while he was an unknown. That was what hindered Trump the first time around; he was a known factor, and people tend to judge you negatively the more they know about you. But Biden in 2024 is going to be a known commodity, and he’s a dementia-laden spoonful of bullshit. He’s also violating the Constitution with a variety of his initiatives, most notably halting evictions on millions of people, which can only be decided by Congress. Biden is not a respecter of the Rule of Law, he’s a lover of Progressive principles. He’s one set of balls away from being the next Joseph Stalin.

. . . . . . . This lack of balls is evident on Joseph Biden’s part. He has kept his head down throughout his political career, not making waves. While Trump is sometimes too confrontational, at least he does make waves. The man who makes waves is respected; the one who never does is derided for cowardice. And Biden is a coward.

. . . . . . . That’s yet another advantage Trump has over Biden.

. . . . . . . President Trump as the 47th President of the United States is therefore not an impossibility. Trump has been through the Republican primaries; he knows what works and what doesn’t, unlike every other contender who will enter into them.

Trump is also working with an exquisite knowledge of the media gained through much pain. He knows the camera secretly loves him and his antics, but how to keep the commentariat from blasting him in their talks on cable TV?

. . . . . . . But again, the biggest single advantage Trump has is that he’s learned from his mistakes. As long as he stays healthy, Trump will retain his aura of strength, while Biden becomes a pillar of quivering dementia.

. . . . . . . If in fact Biden is beginning to suffer from a slow form of dementia, this creeping affliction will steal over everything he attempts to accomplish.

. . . . . . . He’ll be fucked. He has to have press conferences, and the reporters from Fox and the right-wing outlets will be merciless. The left media will be nervous, powerless to make Biden look good. There comes a point when you can’t save yourself from yourself. This point should be reached by Biden sometime in 2022, the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac, which is going to come and bite Biden on the ass.

. . . . . . . Speaking of China, the Chinese are going to seek to take advantage of a weak and debilitated president. This’ll make President Biden look even worse. He’ll look like somebody’s little bitch.

. . . . . . . It all boils down to how much Trump has learned and whether he can stay healthy in his elderly age. If he can check both boxes “yes,” then he’s in damn good shape for 2024.


8 thoughts on “2024: year of the god-emperor

  1. You are welcome to support Trump’s policies. I can’t see why you support a President who lost the election fair and square but tried to stay in power anyway. To me that is the worst thing any President could do — to invalidate an election and the votes of the American people. That would make the United States no different than Russia, Venezuela, Iran or North Korea.

    1. He’s a damn baby, alright? He’s from New York City, which is where big babies go when they want to live their immature lives to the fullest. I’m nowhere near as immature as he is, but I recognize the same emotional chord within myself, which gets twanged when I see him. That canard about him being the same as Putin is false. After all, he left the White House without a problem at the end of the day. So once again, he’s a big baby. I like his ways with chicks and I like his intelligent opposition to most Democratic positions. His policies weren’t totally incoherent the way the typical Republican platform is. Anyway, I get a good vibe from him. I could be his friend. That’s how you judge how you vote for: can you have a beer with him? I could hang with the Donald, and I could also call him a friend. Why not? He’s tough and he’s down to earth in a fuck-you Joe kind of way, and that’s what I’m like as well.

  2. If I was a reporter at a Biden press conference I would ask out of the blue: So how are you enjoying being in Australia, and did you like your tour of the Sydney Opera House? He’d be fucked.

    1. Biden strikes me as a smarmy snake-oil salesman. He looks exactly like that.

      “Here, people, gather round. I have the tonic that will cure whatever ails you. It tastes bitter, but the results are oh-so-sweet.”

  3. Trump is a fucking Cuck. He had the Presidency, Both the House, and The Senate, and sputtered around like a retard. He doesn’t have the balls to order anyone to do anything. MAGA could have been done in the first 100 days of his Presidency.

    And Afghanistan would have been a clusterfuck if he had ORDERED every troop home. The Taliban might have not moved so quickly out of respect for The Alpha, but they still would have retaken the country. The Cult of Trump is real. People who never gave a damn about anything political or couldn’t see how bad our government has become suddenly cared, because The Alpha Said so.

    All he had to do was start ordering people around, and declare a national emergency at the border. From there order the Army Corps of Engineers to build the wall. They cant go against the Presidents orders. He could even have convened both houses of Congress and called them all Traitors right to their faces.

    He also turned on all his supporters on January 6th. Spare us your “But there’s a silver lining”. No there’s not. He’s no different than any other Politician. Everyone was just drunk on the good feels he was generating.

    He also said he wanted to reopen Mental Hospitals. The man is severely intellectual weak, if he still believes in Mental Illness.

    1. Interesting comment. I will try to answer each of your points.

      – “Trump is a cuck.” No, he’s not. The cucks were the other front-runners of the GOP primaries; that’s why Trump won, because voters sensed some real bone in his body.

      — “Afghanistan would have been a clusterfuck.” Yes, it would have. There was pent-up pressure building up in that country, all it took was a candle flicker to ignire it.

      — “Easy to build the wall.” He needed the support of the legislative branch. Pinned down by the Russia hoax allegations, he was unable to concentrate on getting that.

      — “He turned on all his supporters.” Yeah, he had to, because he realized what a colossal shitshow he had created. He “turned on them” the way Napoleon “turned on” his 600,000 Eastern-bound soldiers in winter, leaving them to die of starvation. He had no choice. It was either him and a few supporters screwed, or just a few supporters. The choice was obvious.

      — “Wanted to reopen mental hospitals.” Well, they’ve turned into an army of the homeless, haven’t they?

      Thanks for your long and detailed reply. Hope I’ve made things a little clearer.

      — Catxman

      1. -Yes he is. I don’t think you realize how the Presidency works. Or what powers he actually has under The Constitution. He can shut the border due to Extraordinary Circumstances and his Emergency Powers. If he really had balls hed ban the Press Corps from The White House. Did you know they are their on invite. The Press Corps has no right to be in The White House.

        -Glad we are on the same page.

        -So wrong. Order the Army Corps of Engineers to build the wall. Just order them. Get some Colonels to do it. It’s called Article II Section 3, and being Commander in Chief.

        -Issue a Blanket Pardon. He didnt have to turn on anyone. We are at War. Give the Liberals the insanity they want. No one on the right is willing to “Go Crazy!” to win. They all want to be reasonable.

        -No. I guess all those close to 60,000 homeless people in LA County are Mentally Ill. There is no such thing as mental illness. The DSM is fake made up bullshit. And a lot of homeless people end up that way because of abuse, illegal evictions, bad luck, converging external variables, smear campaigns, and idiots trying to ruin their lives. Not because of Mental Illness. But hey Americans just like shitting on each other, and using Mental Illness as a scape goat.

        P.s. Im writing this from my car which I’ve slept in for over two years, and I make $1000 USD a week currently. I’m the furthest thing from Mentally Ill. Pissed off and fed up maybe, but not Mentally Ill.

        1. Literally no one may have told him he had that power under the Presidency. They’re so used to thinking inside the box that to ban the press or use emergency powers to build the wall never would’ve occurred to them.

          I’m fascinated by your lifestyle. If you would like to share a little about that I’d love to hear it.

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