Capitalism applauded in Cuba

(Cradle News report) — Last month the Communist regime of Cuba loosened its grip a little further as the July 11 demonstrations on the island against the regime gained momentum.

. . . . . . . With the death of Fidel Castro, the autocrat’s place has been taken by more indecisive leaders who share power on the island. Senior citizens one and all, they are working with time ticking against them. As the last of them dies or is deposed, analysts say, there is a good chance of Cuba reverting to 1950s capitalism with America owning a significant portion of the island’s wealth and beauty.

. . . . . . . The world’s remaining enclaves of pure Communism are under increasing pressure from the capitalist world economy to loosen up and join the swing of things. North Korea also is under pressure to reunify with South Korea under the command and control of Seoul. But it is in Cuba that capitalism is likely to make its first encroachments because of its proximity to the world’s superpower, the United States.

. . . . . . . Dr. Christopher Sabatini of think tank Chatham House argues that the U.S. blockade of Cuba should be continued to put pressure on the Cuban regime to collapse.

. . . . . . . The blockade, which has been going on since the Nineteen Sixties, has acted as a brake on Cuba’s internal development. But critics say Cuba would have been stunted in its progress anyway because of the nature of Communism’s inner workings.

. . . . . . . The exodus of Cubans from the island to the Florida mainland, some say, is proof of the failed nature of Cuban communism. Others claim that the fault lies not with Cuban society, which has produced more than its fair share of doctors and teachers, but with the emigrants themselves, who — they say — were misfits and couldn’t hack it in the new world that Castro was building.

. . . . . . . Whatever the consensus that emerges, it seems likely that in 10 years or less, the island of Cuba will once again see competition and profiteering return to its folds as corporations set up shop and locals establish their own businesses and franchises. The Cuban emigrants to Miami welcome this prospect and some even plan to return once that happens.

4 thoughts on “Capitalism applauded in Cuba

    1. Communism will never take over the States. There’ll be a new New Deal before that happens. The elites love their Posches and their vacation retreats too much to bend at the knee for a new General Secretary.

  1. Based on one brief visit in 2017, I’d say it is true that the Cuban people desire more freedom economically and socially. We shouldn’t mistake that for wishing for anything like “Cuba reverting to 1950s capitalism with America owning a significant portion of the island’s wealth and beauty.” Cubans fought a successful revolution to end that oppression and denial of their freedom and rights in the name of profits for foreigners, criminal organizations and a few local elites. They seem to like Americans generally but have a great deal of pride in their independence and have no desire to be exploited by communists or capitalists.

    1. If they go capitalist in the shadow of America, they’ll have no choice. Foreigners will be allowed to buy or lease property and then instantly America will control their destiny, based on the divergence of capital between Massive America and Tiny Cuba.

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