Poem: The majestic black train

“The majestic black train”

A poem by Catxman

  • If I lived on a train
  • On a hard-packed, unbroken plain
  • I’d be in motion all the time
  • And my words would always rhyme
  • X
  • Nothing could touch me
  • As far as I could see
  • I’d live all alone in my splendor
  • And feel warm all down to my core
  • X
  • My train would be my solace
  • And my leg would be in an old-fashioned cast
  • I would swing it around like a peg
  • My creaky, old-fashioned leg
  • X
  • Finally, I’d grip the stop pulley
  • The one that brought me back to reality
  • To wake up from this sweet dream
  • And realize I was swimming in life’s cream

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