Tapped on the shoulder by the angel investor

. . . . . . . If your work life is stressing you out to the point of insanity, consider abandoning the normal 9-to-5 for a startup lifestyle.

. . . . . . . The small business atmosphere of the startup relies on hard work, but reduces typical types of stress. In exchange for hard work, your freedom of choice lowers typical stress levels at the new office.

. . . . . . . Venture capitalists exist solely to fund such startups. They have had great success in returning money both to the V.C. and to the business lord who puts it all on the line. With a good idea and a small group of I.T. specialists, you can enter the fastest growing wealth sector of the economy — the Internet and environs. {cont.}

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. . . . . . . Venture capitalists, when they offer sufficient money for fair share ownership, are a godsend. But when they armwrestle you to the ground and take the farm for the money, they’re vultures. It depends how much they give and what they receive in exchange.

. . . . . . . In 2019 in California, there were 1,118 startups started. This is about in line with what you’d expect. Note that the economy could easily support more startups. Why then are so few activated? Because most people are pussies. It takes big BALLS to put money in the functioning of an operational organization.

. . . . . . . Once, Catxman was asked to join a startup when he was calling around about temp agency jobs. He had just faxed his tech-heavy resume to one of the major traditional temps. All I wanted was a simple job. I type 114 words per minute, which is almost twice as fast as a good professional typist (I can keep up with the spoken word) and I wanted something brainless and easy.

. . . . . . . He was eager to sign me on.

I type 114 words because I took two typing classes in high school. Best investment of time I ever made. Although, you know, it’s sad that I had to disappointment my Caribbean-Canadian woman teacher when she asked me to compete in typing. Jes’ not mah thing, ya knows?

. . . . . . . Another time I was playing a trivia game I hosted on a chat room. I could do this because of the remarkable rapidity of my flying fingers over the keyboard, and my mind’s ability to draw data on infinite reaches of random information, also flying.

. . . . . . . Somebody wanted me for that too.

. . . . . . . But I believed I had a greater destiny than either of these two men had to offer me. They were offering me false dreams in the desert. It’s like the literary agent who contacted me when I wrote a piece of erotica at age 19 that he thought was really good.

. . . . . . . All three of these men (of course they were men; girls only want me for long-term relationships) had ideas they needed my help to fulfill, while offering a limited package in return.

We are at the verge of a golden dawn: a time when all our dreams come true and the negatives flip into positives. — Catxman

. . . . . . . The comp-industry startup may be your way to overcome limited offerings and make your own way if you have a unique idea or if you can pull a Facebook and steal someone else’s ideas and destroy the pre-existing competition.

. . . . . . . Ask yourself if you have an idea. But then ask yourself a more important Q.:

. . . . . . . Do I have the requisite ruthlessness to be in the game?

. . . . . . . If you do, and do, then maybe you’re equipped for the job. But remember to get your cash flow going firstly. And then everything will fall into place after that.

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