Who are you?

. . . . . . . You can be cool or you can be serious. Those are your two main options.

. . . . . . . There is something of the court jester about the cool guy. Any man who takes his hair seriously cannot take the rest of his life seriously.

. . . . . . . Being serious, however, closes the door on coolness. Seriousness implies responsibilities, and responsibilities mean you’ve got to keep your head to the grindstone, working it out, making sure the final product comes out smooth & nice.

. . . . . . . So cool or serious is it.

. . . . . . . Then there’s your personality. You hew toward one or the other depending … Depending on what? Why, depending on what matter you’re made of.

. . . . . . . Don’t cross the streams, like the Ghostbusters say. If you’re a serious type of dude, don’t try to go for cool. Likewise, the opposite. You’ll do just fine if you keep by your nature.

. . . . . . . And give a kiss to destiny along the way.

Last night I had a dream about being Spider-Man again. Ever since I was a child I’ve had this dream. And there’s always a limitation to the power. But last night was pretty good.

I was climbing to get away from something that was approaching. There was a wall of bricks in front of me. I was straining my Spidey muscles and putting my efforts to getting over the top.

I made it. Just ten minutes before that, though, I was talking to an Italian-Canadian businessman who was sitting on the sidewalk pavement. He gave me some important information so I threw down my last ten-dollar piece (tenner) to him. It was a fair transaction.

Anyway, once I was up on top of the wall I looked out and shot out strong, thin webs to travel onward … it was all freakin wonderful …

12 thoughts on “Who are you?

        1. Mmmmmm. Call me dumb, but I don’t get the meme. Is Eddie Murphy a loose cannon of sorts? Does this have to do with him hanging around with transgender prostitutes? Inquiring minds want to know.

          1. Hahaha – U said we have multiple selves within us, and Eddie Murphy is notorious for playing multiple roles in the same movies, like The Nutty Professor, the Klumps, and Bowfinger. I’m Bowfinger he plays KIT Ramsey, a paranoid schizophrenic, and this his mantra his pseudo psychiatrist gives him to repeat.

            1. *dryly* I should have KNOWN there was a film reference in there somewhere. I can only imagine how many films you’ve seen, my friend. Must’ve been a ton.

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