Poem: Blog after blog

Catxman introduces, “This is a hybrid mix of a poem with prose pulled from random quotes I made on different sites. Cherish the flavor!”

. . . . . . . I am imagining a dance club now, filled with computers with flickering screens, each one displaying a different blog. Which screen are YOU on?

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” — Mark Twain

As we walk down the much-regaled lane
Blog after blog becomes clear
That which was transparent becomes not-sane
And all is a blizzard of snowy dear

I’d like to visit the hidden parts of Greater Toronto, where I grew up. I grew up on the absolute periphery and didn’t really have a chance to explore by GO Train or by taxi … I’d really like to give it a whirl.

I grab your hand and give you a twirl
Sign after sign indicates I’m right
I make a Slurpee with a cold swirl
And all is a black hole in a blacker night

Israel — Zion — is the darling child of the Evangelicals. There’s always a Jack Van Impe or Oral Roberts willing to play the Israel card as a sign the End-Times have come. If Israel were crushed, where would their pretty Tarot cards be???


6 thoughts on “Poem: Blog after blog

        1. I remember standing around my family’s expensive hardwood table that looked like dark mahogany but probably wasn’t and dancing to the song as a spry youngster. The Catxman looks younger than he is. My guess is even when I’m in my seventies I’ll look like I’m in my forties-fifties crossing point. I don’t know why my genes are so lucky. Reagan claimed his dark brown Irish hair was the real deal and Mitt Romney had mostly nonwhite hair too. Stephen King the author has aged pretty well too — slim and trim and fit. Lots of men age well.

          Few women.

            1. Well done! I’m proud of you! You have a gym regime. Fucking alright!

              Once, Catxman did too. I’ll start again once I’m stable in my life. Or rather, MORE STABLE.

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