Lying, breathing propaganda

. . . . . . . Keep it real, man. No matter what smoke gets blown up your ass. Don’t even believe my smoke. Believe in YOSELF. You’re in a room of heads moving one way, the same way, just turning, turning. Stop turning your head to match em.

. . . . . . . Lies. They exist to advance a cause.

. . . . . . . Two types of people use simple lies: the strong and the weak. Kids are the weak and also adults who have done something wrong but can’t face up to it. The government is the strong and wants to move millions. Who wins? The kids, of course, because they’re better at lying.

. . . . . . . Propaganda is the name given to government’s structured, calculated lies, and it only works when it’s employed on a mass scale. From the Cathedral of the West comes left-liberal propaganda that homosexuality works and is good, and that the other policies, such as race-relations itself, are wholly positive. Because this propaganda has three-quarters of a century of television behind it, it is mighty.

. . . . . . . I wish Canada could have a fuck you attitude so easily picked up like a baseball bat against a night light pole on the street for you. For my country, it’s Justin Trudeau central and we’ll take away your rights because we gave them to you, b/c we can….

. . . . . . . The broader question is, how much do The People anywhere in the Anglosphere believe in their left-wing, post-modern propaganda? I’d say it’s a mix, 30-30-40. Thirty are whole believers, thirty percent kinda believe and 40 percent are fairly skeptical to the whole program. A roughly 70% success rate is an amazing success rate, and possible only because of TV.

The Anglosphere is a smaller section of the Blogosphere that girds the tech-dense cities of the world. The Anglosphere is not even the entire West. Poland for instance is defying the Cathedral, for now. For now … No native Trudeauskis there, yet.

. . . . . . . Sometimes there are attempts to wrap the truth in a red ribbon of covering and denial. While blood drips from the package, the bow gleams rainbow-brite.

. . . . . . . One way or another, the truth will come out. History has a way of reopening closed books when it deems them vital to the historians’ enterprise. Although the victors write the histories, as has been proclaimed, when there is more than one faction, it has a troublesome time in a democracy to keep the truth out. So, for instance, Kennedy was not killed by American agents because enough time has passed for that truth to “out.” Afghanistan should follow the same trajectory of exposure, if exposure there was.

. . . . . . . Hitler advocated the bigger the lie, the better, because no one will believe you just had the balls to say it.

. . . . . . . I would add that it helps to believe SOME of your lie, at the least. Hitler surely did believe the Slavs were inferior (Czechs possibly exempted) and definitely had a hard-on for the Jews. He also really wanted living space and thought it should be east, though why he neglected nearby nice-weather France I don’t know.

. . . . . . . When you believe in your lie, it flashes conviction in your eyes. You could argue the left-liberal really does believe that everything starts out tabula rasa and the government can straighten out anything crooked. After all, their fundamental doctrine is the perfectability of man.

Catxman sez: If you could time-travel television back to the 1930s and give it a back-history of a hundred years of continuous — I mean motherfucking continuous use, it would see great success in the core Nazi countries. That 30-30-40 percentage would be 60-30-10. The high results would be because of society’s Nazification and lockstepping in combo with the visual aid and advertising of TV. Brilliant!

. . . . . . . Russian Communism was the weakest of the lies-systems, since they were the most primitive, socially, culturally, and technologically. The two real propaganda systems were the Cathedral and the Nazis. It is fascinating to examine them both in comparison with each other, so we shall begin doing so. Take a deep breath and here we go …

. . . . . . . Every country has a little Cathedral. The big one, the founding one, is the Cathedral in Merka. The United States of Merka. The Merkan way of doin’ things has percolated through the world so that U.S. of A gets stamped on this one too.

. . . . . . . There is no single leader of the Merkan Cathedral. There is a definite hierarchy, however. The New York Times is higher up than USA Today. To be a feature writer in the Times is higher than to be an anonymous article-slinger in AP.

. . . . . . . By contrast, Joseph Goebbels was the Propaganda-Master of the Nazi Reich. It’s supposedly chilling just saying those words. We imagine him black-suited with a snarl-wolf’s belt buckle (though of course he never wore any such thing).

. . . . . . . The Nazis relied more heavily on plain fear than the Americans do. To their credit, the Americans have accidentally struck just the right balance of fear. You can lose your job, get a black mark on your resume, and be socially ostracized by saying the wrong things in the wrong place. But they won’t come crashing in your door at 4 in the morning. That’s balance. Nobody planned it, but it worked out that way.

. . . . . . . The Nazis did it one better by coordinating the public and the private worlds. You were a Hitler Youth as a kid and were excited to have plans to attend one of the junior camps.

. . . . . . . It is no surprise that the two nations with the strongest contested chance for world domination have been the Germans and the Americans, and that the Americans’ propagandist learned a great deal from their German technical predecessors (the Cathedral predates the Nazis, but the Nazi Germans forced a pace of propagandistic innovation more than did their modern equivalent the Americans).

. . . . . . . If the United States ever takes a stab at world domination, you can expect the propaganda to be the equivalent of a dozen TV commercials between the big Super Bowl game. You can also expect an Internationalization of all the TV shows to make them more portable to a new “domestic” (read: conquered foreigners) audience.

Dear Napoleon,

. . . . . . . You had a chance to make French the lingua franca of the world. The Russian court was already using it. Everyone loved it. Everyone also admired your country, in a way they didn’t admire the German nation of a century later.

. . . . . . . You busted it. Crapped out. Lost all your casino chips. I don’t blame you. You were influenced from beyond the grave by forces you couldn’t control. In Spain, you had a chance to lead the army to victory over the “perfidious” English and you got recalled back to Paris for an “emergency.” Who set up that emergency? Who scared you so bad you had to take flight?

. . . . . . . Once again, we have these mysterious forces swirling about you.

. . . . . . . Only time will tell an answer.

. . . . . . . The vicious one.

Warm regards,


11 thoughts on “Lying, breathing propaganda

    1. Thank you, the hardest to admit is that I’ve been blaming girls. That’s just plain pathetic of me. You play with girls as if they’re toys, you don’t break them spitefully.

  1. Propaganda are what the government uses, to prey on the people’s fears, so they can, gain control over our lives, and we, being fearful of death and everything else, get, preyed on, because we don’t educate ourselves enough, and, our own ignorance, is what made us into, “enabling victims”.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the power of propaganda. We all have to remind ourselves not to fall into the trap of rigid, one-dimensional thought. Must remain open. I respect you sharing/owning your vice about women.

  3. I must say, you’ve thought this one through well; it is hard sometimes to deal with propaganda especially during a crisis like covid or a war. It is hard to be the cheese that stands alone —

    1. I think Covid will provide an opportunity to test out some of its mass propaganda theories. I think some men view the common people as lumpenproletariat, mere masses to be moved like pawns and sacrificed on a chessboard.

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