Poem: The shadow of my ghost

“The shadow of my ghost”

a poem by Catxman

I am not walking this countryside
The shadow of my ghost does it for me
I have my hand on a darkened leash
That makes room enough for three

An Airbus plane circles lower
I see it descend much-depleted thrice
Its high-velocity is nearly spent
Its friendly descent is quite nice

I am going now to join the Mile-High Club
She insisted even though I dislike cramped environs
Bragging rights for her with her circle
For my mind, a statue in much-shined bronze

All the shadows get together and confuse me
I am dazed and darkened by the blows
My current paramour is a laughing date
My predicament is something she clearly knows

Arrogance is written on my features
The stamp of it is written in faded, tattooed red
This plane will land on grass, turn up turf to roll
And some passengers will end this flight dead.

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