The poor, abused politician

. . . . . . . Yeah, Biden’s a beta. What do you expect from the beta party? You’ve got a nothingburger of choice to vote for though. You got on the right dick suckers for the giant corporations. You’ve got on othuh side the dick suckers running to catch up to the first dick suckers.

. . . . . . . Fuckers, one and all.

. . . . . . . At least Trump occasionally busted free of his confines and said some real talk. Not often, no, but something is better than the Eternal Zero from the Eternal Politicians.

. . . . . . . They’re all the same. Even Trump caved and became the same when the chips were down. When he was confronted with pussy grabber he shouldn’t have done a Saturday Night Live-sketch “apple-log-ize” talk thingee. He should have held a press conference and said I’m a real man. You gonna shoot me for that? Drag me through the streets? Whatchu gonna do?

. . . . . . . He did the second-best thing, which is the coward’s way out. For leader of the Free World, anything short of the best should disqualify you.

. . . . . . . And Biden. With the grabby hands thing, too. At least Trump was an attractive lion of a man through most of his life. Biden is surely a sneaky weasel-looking dude. He’s got the Bill Cosby vibe going. Ohhh, there’s a pretty girl, let me lay my hands to bless her shoulders and maybe graze her boobies, by “accident”

. . . . . . . Well, there’s always 2024. The fact that so many Republicans “believe” the election was rigged suggests they’re not going to jettison the Donald. They’re a bit nervous that he’s biting the donor’s hand, but they really like (secretly) the fact that he’s saying things that make him The Party of White (people).

. . . . . . . Fox News is the public mouthpiece for the Republican Party. The Murdoch dynasty — long may it rule — sets the ground rules over there. And Fox hasn’t been very hard on Trump. Not since that twat with the weird face, Megyn Kelly grilled Trump about his name-calling of girls (“You’ve called women fat pigs, etc, etc, etc dance monkey boy dance etcetera) has Trump been under much pressure. Fox is babying him.

. . . . . . . Everybody on the right knows Trump is going through a learning phase. That the lion of the politicosphere is just keeping his roar in the finest of pristine condition for his future noisegrowling.

. . . . . . . If Trump can keep in good physical condition, and Biden continues to deteriorate physically and mentally, Trump can sweep the pre-2024 Republican primaries and defeat Biden in Round 2. I’d like to see it for entertainment purposes alone. His policies are okay, too, not that he has many.

. . . . . . . If Trump disappears from the scene, the politicians will forget the many lessons his presidential run gave for the fakers.

One: Be yourself. Even if you’re a boring policy wonk, don’t try to pull a Jeb! like after Trump called him low energy. That’s just sad.

Two: Don’t compliment anybody, even if you feel the warmth. People don’t like to be told how great they are. When Putin complimented the “ladies” of Russia for their hard work at the office and then doubly so at home, he sank in their eyes. Don’t compliment. Period.

Three: Don’t diss your opponent. Yeah, I know Jeb! was dissed by Trump, but it was simply unnecessary. Trump is a biter. He’s a lion. He derives unnecessary vitality from sinking his fangs into meaty flesh. Can it. It’s a waste of precious energy.

Four: Ignore the press. The press safely assumes they can ask any question — whatever strikes their fancy, however abusive and intrusive it is — and it must be answered. The politicians have been caving for so long this has become a caveat. But it ain’t so, Joe. The press can safely be ignored whenever you feel like it. They’re hyenas — treat em so.

Five: Show yourself with the chicks. The female crowd wanna vote for the playa in the room. So grab a bunch of hot twat and wrap your arms around them.

. . . . . . . Those are five pointers. There’s more, but just zenning them into your inner being will let you figger out the rest of the pointers.

3 thoughts on “The poor, abused politician

  1. Politicians are useless bags of shit. Sure you really wanna join that club? Cause right now I figure get six women with a clue in the same room with you and a case of Fleets we could bury what they bring out in a shoe box. Keep up the good work.

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