. . . . . . . I’m putting the bits and pieces together on X-Men’s Gambit. He of French accent and magic cards and kinetic speed and charm.

. . . . . . . Gambit is my favorite comic-book superhero. He looks and acts like me. He’s a French-accented suave dude (I’m minus the accent, however) with long hair tied back. He throws power-charged playing cards like they were weapons from a techno-spectral deck.

. . . . . . . He’s also amoral, near as I can tell.

. . . . . . . He jumps in to help out, but that’s mostly because he’s bored as much as anything else. Gambit is one cold, calculating S.O.B. He smiles over the exhaustion of his friends and moves in to save the day.

. . . . . . . That’s the way I want to see him.

. . . . . . . I haven’t read many comics in my life, so I could be treating this analysis ironically or too extremely. But it’s because I have a limited familiarity I can dream. Sometimes you want to preserve your innocence in this world.

. . . . . . . The real lesson of this entry is that when you are only half-aware of something, high aspirations can become possible. Lots of biomed drug designers and industrial engineers — two radically different fields — went into their fields not knowing exactly what they entailed, and became very, very good at it. And grew to love it, as well.

. . . . . . . Lots of men went into marriage at a young age, hardly knowing their wives-to-be, and the marriages worked out surprisingly well. For them, it may have helped that there were others involved, older relatives, who did know and did have a familiarity with both of the pair.

. . . . . . . When you think of Gambit, think of Catxman. We share on the surface more than you’d think.

9 thoughts on “Gambit

    1. Reality, if I have the balls and talent to follow through. I like to believe I’m capable. Thanks for asking Mic. Maybe there’s a place for you here. Who can say what the future will hold, except he who makes the future …

      1. If you make a book out of it, it will be sold …. I sometimes have to take a break from my writing, otherwise I would have shot myself a long time ago 🤡

      1. There’s a line from the hot Girl where JAckson’s mentors tell him “Guys talking about the great weed they smoked and pussy they got and cars they drove when you weren’t around aren’t high, arent gettin’ laid and ride the damn bus. Men who know what they do keep their mouths shut and do, they don’t talk.”

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