The bad guy always wins

. . . . . . . We are hypnotized by evil, like a bird in a tree facing a climbing snake.

. . . . . . . This means we love what it means to be bad.

. . . . . . . The complexion of evil wears well on us.

. . . . . . . Why is this?

. . . . . . . Why the fascination with the darker shades of life?

Commercial products go the evil way

. . . . . . . Look at the supermarket and cereal boxes. We put Darth Vader on the cereal boxes and leave out Luke Skywalker. Skywalker, even when he’s swinging across the gap in the metal room, is the hero-dweeb. Once you wear the mantle of hero, you pin the cloak of simp on yourself.

. . . . . . . The simp is serving other people. The man who stands for himself exclusively is the smart one. He’s the survivor. The guy who cares about others is the sucker who’s been brainwashed by society. Even with power, he radiates weakness, most especially weakness of the mind.

. . . . . . . Evil is the winner because it cheats. It’s like the saying. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.

. . . . . . . Evil does whatever it takes to win. Joseph Stalin is still revered by a significant portion of the Russian populace, even when he murdered those “sukas” [1] in large quantities. Donald Trump mused he could empty a pistol into a busy street and still get the votes from the same portion of the populace. He wasn’t joking. He was silently amazed, still, after all that riotous feedback. Still. And Arnold Schwarzenegger said 95% of people need a master and he didn’t lose any votes.

[1] Russian word for bitches

. . . . . . . Every time Catxman acts tough and mean, I get more pussy than I did before. When I tell a girl to kneel, she likes it.

. . . . . . . I’m not saying I’m a pussy-slaying machine. Up until now, I’ve been like a girl, holding back.

Catxman to the rescue

. . . . . . . I actually was a hero-simp for a while until I deliberately changed my mind. I saved a guy from being mugged on the street my first time in Vancouver. In Miami on the bus I interfered with a chick being abused by a guy. But that conditioning I burnt off myself. I’ve cleansed myself of society’s automated phone msgs to the subconscious. Cut the cord, baby; proud o’ myself, too! Durn right.

. . . . . . . If I’m going to get white babies for myself (I’m white too) I need to be evil in some significant percentage. If I’m to succeed at my books, I have to have that evil mindset to leave it interesting.

. . . . . . . Let’s talk about books for a while. Every published writer feels compelled to write “a certain way” in order to be a “real writer.” I need to combine a natural evil slickness with that “certain way” so that when I get published I get that fascinating effect. It’s hard to explain what I mean. What I’m trying to say is I have to be typical and atypical at the same time.

. . . . . . . I need to do the same thing with my personality. Straight-up evil is a heavy brew for most people to imbibe. It needs to be laced with some diluted shit.

Learning from evil

What does today’s entry teach us? Evil is a perfume best applied in limited doses. And there are variations of evil, of perfume, that go on depending on the situation. Evil is situational.

When we want PURE EVIL we have to go to a brand-new society for that. In our present world, the previous paragraph describes the way to go.

14 thoughts on “The bad guy always wins

  1. Ugh this is against my better judgment, but I thought, you know what, Mr. Catman cherishes comments,  so I’ll be nice and leave a comment, even though he doesn’t deserve it. Anyways.

    You’re not stupid so I know you’re aware of the level of vile misogyny you display.  While I’m certain you ARE a misogynist, I think you ramp it up a little here on your blog for effect. Nevertheless, you ought to take a wider angle view of your life and understand that a day will come–and it will–that you can’t, let’s just call it, “participate” in the types of activities you profess to enjoy. And then where will that leave you? Alone. Ask yourself this–when you go to sleep tonight (I know you must sleep sometime), who in the whole world is laying their head down similarly, while thinking of Mr. Catman, with genuine concern and affection? Now hold on–you were going to make a remark boasting about yourself in the same vein you always do–I mean actually ask yourself the question with sincerity. And you’re not gonna like the answer.

    1. I think it’s even simpler than that, Hetty. I have a choice to make: to have no female visitors or to harvest them the way I do my male ones. The question is, are women worth appealing to???? What do you think?

        1. I believe that if I have a large body of viewers it validates my point of existence. That’s number one.

          Number two: Does anyone love me? Yes. Someone wants to be in my life very much. She isn’t in my life right now, however.

  2. Other kinds of love. *arched eyebrow* Now you may have me interested. The Greeks listed three kinds, I believe, eros being but one. What are these legendary other types of love??

  3. Must have channeled your thoughts in my recent post! I am elated you direct me here. Had to chuckle at Hetty’s mothering sentiments. I won’t reopen the wound by commenting on that thread. But I see the paradox, that some women (not all) who eschew darkness / arrogant men are the same women who fall hardest for them… Which hammers home your main point here I think.

    Look Up the movie “The Saint”(1997) Val Kilmer & Elizabeth Shue. It’s one of my favorites. A little dated, a little cheezy. But you remind me of this character a bit!

    1. WHen I have a chance I’ll check out the film The Saint. I happen to like Val Kilmer quite a lot as an actor. He’s quite a bright guy, good acting chops too. Yeah Hetty is the type to fall for my schtick of the bad boy on a motorcycle. I call it a schtick because my basic tenor is laziness when it comes to girls. I have to rev up my desires in the near future so that from now on I really DESIRE them. We’ll see what happens. Naturally, I’ll keep all my lovelies (you guys) informed.

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