Story: She, the killer

“She, the killer”

a short story by Catxman

. . . . . . . Anna stood there, the knife dripping blood. It was her third victim, a little girl who had disturbed her sleep knocking on Anna’s door.

. . . . . . . Anna lived on the government dole in her own small house in the burbs. Now what was she going to do with this body? First, she had to get it out of view. Anna dragged it in and closed the door. There. That was better. But now there was this goddam trail of blood along the floor. More clean-up! In exasperation, she slapped her pajamas.

. . . . . . . For two days, she was at work cleaning everything up, stopping only to masturbate and relieve her pent-up sexual tension. Anna found that violent work made her extra-horny. She’d had a man once. He’d run up against Anna’s bad side.

. . . . . . . When the work was done, Anna threw her own naked body on the ultra-so-clean sheeted bed. The little girl had whetted her appetite for more viciousness. Anna got dressed in a little black dress and went out dancing, looking for a man to take down. Men were more dangerous than little girls because they were bigger and stronger, but the thrill was greater because of that.

. . . . . . . She put her longest, sharpest knife in her purse and snapped the purse shut. There was a club catering to 35-45-y.o. men and women. Anna was a bit younger but they always let her in nonetheless. So she went.

. . . . . . . Anna smiled shyly. “I’m not used to doing this sort of thing,” Anna said. “Going dancing, I mean.”

. . . . . . . The man was handsome. “That’s no problem. I have enough confidence for the both of us,” he said.

. . . . . . . She liked that. Wiping off the face of the earth an arrogant bastard was a favor for all the ladies of the world.

. . . . . . .I have to feed my pet,” Anna said. “Would you mind coming back to my house with me?”

. . . . . . . “Sure. Just let me go tell my friends I’m going. I’ll –” Anna put her hand on his forearm.

. . . . . . . “No, don’t. I want this to be … ever so private.”

. . . . . . . The man raised one eyebrow. “Private?”

. . . . . . . “Yes. I’m not sure of myself. I might … might change my mind otherwise.”

. . . . . . . He smiled toothily. “Private it is, then, pretty lady.”

. . . . . . . She felt hate for him already. Digging her hand in her purse, she felt the outline of the blade. God this was going to be so good. She felt the hate for him rushing through her system. But he was so fit and so strong! She’d have to approach him from behind.

. . . . . . . The man startled her by taking her by the elbow. She almost pulled the knife out right here on the laser-light-strobing dance floor.

. . . . . . . They went to her car. Without discussion. Anna was already taking charge.

. . . . . . . They drove in silence. Anna was building up a higher-and-higher plateau of excitement. She was spiking right now.

. . . . . . . At her little house, she turned off the ignition and looked at him. For an instant, she really, really liked him. Then he opened his mouth and — like all men did — he blew it.

. . . . . . . “Would you mind giving me a blowjob here in the car?” he asked intently.

. . . . . . . “Inside,” Anna purred. “The cat first.”

. . . . . . . She opened the door, took out the knife, and kept the lights dark. The man brushed past her going inside, reaching a hand for all three light switches on the same plate.

. . . . . . . Anna stabbed him as he was turning around.

. . . . . . . He grabbed her and pulled her close. He hugged her and the knife close to himself. She couldn’t pull it free again! With a mighty pull, the man yanked the knife out of a less-vulnerable part of his chest and stabbed Anna back in her beautiful face. He sliced a medium-deep line diagonally from left eye to right chin. He ruined her appearance! Anna shrieked!

. . . . . . . The knife fell with a clatter on the floor, the blood of man and woman on it. They danced around it. The man was more grievously injured but retained a greater latent strength. The woman was crazed with super-human strength from her manic anger. They fought.

. . . . . . . She kneed him in the groin and he doubled over. Anna, bleeding profusely from the face, rammed his head against the wall, knocking him out.

. . . . . . . She, weeping, crawled along the floor looking for the knife. She had no pets. That had been a lie. Oh, this evening had gone all wrong, all wrong!

. . . . . . . Suddenly, she saw a figure standing in the doorway. The figure was even bigger than the man she had brought home with her. The figure had a hockey mask on and was snapping on latex gloves.

. . . . . . . A real serial killer had followed her home and was now going to take care of both Anna and the man on the floor …

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