Updating my website

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” — Dale Carnegie

. . . . . . . I’ve decided to update my website. I’m going to delete all the music, a lot of the pictures, and all the quotes and bottom-screen links in the Cradle. Even bigger changes lie ahead: I’m going to be more respectful to girls. {cont.}

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an ideal combination of text and moving imagery … perhaps a major future infotainment industry there? anyone? Scandallyze?

. . . . . . . OMG! you say. YOU, Catxman, CARING FOR THE OPPOSITE SEX! You’ve burned them enough. Are you remorseful? Are you full of doubts?

. . . . . . . Nope, and nope, not the slightest. But girls have treated me well. It’s time for me to reciprocate. I have a strong voice, and it hurts when it’s directed sharply your way. I see no reason to make girls feel bad anymore, that’s about the sum of it.

This is a sub-entry dated 6 January 2022 for primary entry 7 September 2021. I have been rereading a lot of my text, and finding nitpickingly common examples of anti-femaleism. As of this juncture (1/6/22) I still have to work on my anti-femaleism. It’s good that I’m doing this while on my pro blog rather than on a piece of fiction I plan on pawning out in the “real world.” — As for the rest, the music and pictures and much of the other stuff gets stuffed back in the Cradle. The added effort’s worth it. The biggest effort, of course, is the teleported links between entry and entry ‘cross the length and width of the whole friggin’ CRADLE.

. . . . . . . The specific contributor to all these new changes is a girl named Hetty Eliot. I went to her website, trying to convince her to come to mine. But it occurs to me: what do I have to offer Hetty and all women? A bunch of bitch this, cunt that? How is that going to help them feel good about themselves? Their problem is large quantities of negativity. They get enough of that in their real lives.

. . . . . . . Again, Catxman has abused women in real life and I think they haven’t minded too much. But there has to be a limit. The way I put it in a comment to Hetty: Women have to know there’s a LINE and that the boy CAN and WILL act if it’s crossed by the girl. That’s all. The line stays. Catxman stops being cruel to women, but he won’t take abuse in turn. Don’t tell me what to do. Don’t tell me how to live my life. Never forget that I’m an alpha.

. . . . . . . Sorry, ladies, but I am an alpha. Cops recognize it, women who’ve never met me except by a screen posting recognize it, E*V*E*R*Ybody recognizes my alphatude. I had an alpha father and an alpha mother. I am the conjoining of a thousand generations of alpha.

Men are supposed to dominate and win. Women are supposed to submit to dominant men. It’s what females most desire to do. — Guardiandogg

. . . . . . . I could have slept around a lot more, but I was lazily uninterested. It’s not that I have a weak sex drive. It’s that I was running my own life. A girl sucks away mucho time and energy. There’s a girl in my life now, and we’ll see how that works out. If I start fucking her, I’ll go gang-busters and fuck her like wild.

. . . . . . . Girls have the right attitude. Be picky about sex.

. . . . . . . And that concludes today’s seriously exciting update.

16 thoughts on “Updating my website

  1. it’s good to reconsider our attitudes now and then; especially in light of how they are affecting others ; this usually occurs when some crisis forces a reappraisal — be interesting to see what your next posts look like 🙂

  2. Good that you realized these, tendencies of yours, and now, you are, friven, to, change, your self, for the better, we are all, in needof this sort of an, awakening, every once in a while.

  3. My spidey-sense told me something was afoot here and indeed I was right (I did say predictable). Sorry. Anyways. I’m not on some feminist crusade demanding all men change their ways to conform with my views. And as much as I hate admitting it, while you’re completely wrong on many issues, you are right about some shit. I just think it’s important not to paint with so broad an offensive stroke that you alienate half the population. Why does it even matter? I dunno. I guess it’s just the nature of the WordPress community that we butt our heads into these things. It all depends on your personal goals. You’ve got every right to say “F you” to people who disagree with your views, but you’ll have a very small, homogeneous audience. On the other hand, if your writing goals include reaching more people, some engagement and reflection are in order, which it seems like you’re doing. No one can appeal to all people, and trying to do so drains all personality out of the writing, but there’s room to expand. People are forgiving and interested when someone is open and raw about themselves. And when they see someone working through these things, that gets them thinking about their own. Anyway that’s my sermon.

  4. Is an alpha male who falls in love and decides to change his blog an alpha male? Then what else will you change? I’m telling you on this raw mofo because you have repeatedly reiterated that you are an alpha for many generations but you are not proving this. If you change your blog and make it gooey just because your girlfriend thinks you need to be nicer to women then you’re not alpha. If my husband asked me to change just one comma of my blog I wouldn’t listen to him at all. Because? Because my blog is my space and only I manage my space. So I’m sorry to tell you but it’s not a good demonstration of yourself to be influenced by your woman. This of course is my opinion only on what you said as an “alpha man” and not on you as a person.

    1. I was ready to upgrade my blog before I got any input from women. It just put the decision squarely in front of me — do I want female readers or not. If the answer had been “not” you wouldn’t be writing to me now. So, I made the right decision. And by the way, an alpha male doesn’t shirk away from criticism. You’re free to believe whatever you want but you’re wrong.

      1. Sorry but you wrote yourself that your new woman advised you to write differently. You said that. I read anyone, I’m not afraid of someone who speaks against women or who swears, as long as it is spontaneous and consistent with itself. I have known you for a while and I don’t know what you are like, but what will those who read you for your hardcore style say and now they will find themselves in front of a bunch of sweet candies? I hope you won’t disappoint them. I have an iron stomach, I digest iron and also candy. I don’t know how others will react.

        1. *waves a hand* This is just semantics. My “iron stomach” servings were turning off a significant portion of my potential audience. I didn’t like that, so I changed it. End-of-story.

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