Imperial America

. . . . . . . America, despite all the rumblings to the contrary, is still a republic.

. . . . . . . But what would a genuine empire of American origin and follow-through look like?

. . . . . . . Washington, D.C. is a crappy place to build an empire in. There is a place in Florida, though, called DISNEYWORLD and this place has plenty of surplus housing that can be demolished and replaced with imperial high-rises domes done exquisitely in the New Art Deco style (style description mine).

. . . . . . . California just has too many earthquakes and is too far from the bulk of the Eastern Seaboard population. Florida can be emptied out of all its useless population to nearby states like Alabama and Georgia, creating further empty space to develop in.

. . . . . . . Europe could be the primary tributary of the American Empire. People in America who were born in Germany, could govern Germany. People who were born in Italy, could govern Italy. Regional sub-capitals would include Rome for all of Europe (naturally), underneath the Floridian super-capital.

. . . . . . . Birth control could be imposed on the Third World to keep them in place. You know how they talk about vaccination passports? Well there could be birth control internal passports that you’d need for a family member to get a job. *snaps fingers* Problem solved.

. . . . . . . The Empire could be environmentalist. Clearing out large amounts of human habitation for the birds, the animals, and the plants would be a penance we could pay to Gaia for our past misdirections.

. . . . . . . The only military budget would be to maintain the know-how for nukes.

. . . . . . . (Just in case there are aliens and they’re hostile.)

. . . . . . . Imperial America would depend ultimately on having the world’s best ABM system. Anti-ballistic missiles would knock incoming missiles out of the sky. Once you have an ABM system, you don’t even need feet on the ground to conquer. You just make a threat. And boom! *hand slicing down* Surrender achieved.

. . . . . . . Global surrender for a global America.

5 thoughts on “Imperial America

  1. 👌👌👌Well, the president could be Elon Musk and rule from Mars. Where he plans the ecological operation of the planet. For some reason he doesn’t want to do it here on Earth … All “eco” batteries will be produced here for “eco” operation on Mars 😁

  2. In America, geologically speaking, since you know Gaia, there are many dangerous territories, both for the presence of faults and for the tectonic plates. They know this yet people continue to stay there but if Gaia yawns and so many people die then it is a tragedy. But it’s absurd to keep people where you know disaster will happen sooner or later. But it seems that the human being loves risk. Why Elon? I am better than him and there has not yet been a female American president. Ah, oppsss, I’m not american, I’m from Italy. Ok, I’llask Elon to adopt me.

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