A new concept of the Family Four

. . . . . . . Imagine a bonded political unity of white European people stretching from Vladivostok all the way west to Portugal, then across the ocean to the Americas down to Tierra del Fuego, then back up to Alaska opposite Vladivostok from where you started. It would also include “non-Family Four” smaller partners like Australia and South Africa.

. . . . . . . The man in the photo is the biggest-partner United States. The woman in the photo is Classically Defined Europe. The boy is lonely Russia. The little girl is less developed Latin America.

. . . . . . . Family Four would have a multiple star of four points for a flag. Its headquarters would be in New York City, right in the middle of the Family Four territories. Half of its currencies would feature American historical figures.

. . . . . . . Its morning anthem would be a synthesizer-based stirring piece like this:

. . . . . . . Its nighttime anthem would be the obverse like so:

. . . . . . . The Family Four would be a nifty global confederation. Its population would be about one billion. It would be defensible on all fronts. Its only potential enemies would be China/Japan. Maybe India. But F4 would have the edge in technology and economy, without a doubt.

Things are improving in my life. I didn’t sleep like the dead last night. I was up from 5 AM to 7:20 AM as the light filtered steadfastly into my room. Later, I catnapped somewhat this morning but it was a reasonable amount of time All Things Considered.

There is a hot new girl in the building. Regrettably she’s attached to Mumbles. He’s got Muscles. Good for him. But I can talk rings around him. My ex always said I was a good talker.

The new girl has incredible titties. Huge and ripe. So ripe. I’d like to fondle them and play with them and snap them out of their bra and snap the bra at their skin, snap snap snap that elastic to make them perk up and suck on them … (It’s almost time for Catxman to go looking for a girlfriend.)

I can have my old job back if I want it. I have $18,000 saved up. So I don’t really need it. They’re having personnel problems in the office. Things are supposedly going missing.

I saw a friend yesterday. He pushed his way into my room, saying the doorway was open. May have been true, but unlocked but closed was more likely. We talked economics for an hour and a half. I met him on the street a week or two ago and I ignored him twice. Once I passed by him and went to the intersection which was red-lighted the wrong way so he had time to come up a second time and I ignored him again.

Oh well. Man, there are problems in hanging with you. How do you tell someone they can’t be your friend anymore? It’s easier for me to be brutal with a woman. Guys are … you know … something sensitive.

I’ve been practicing my Literature-Setting abilities especially recently. I think it went in conjunction with me feeling a lot better. The Literature-Setting has always been a tricky one for me, almost spectral. The next level is Characters, probably the hardest of all the abilities. Eventually I’ll be able to write gracefully, and improve my life immensely. I’d like to be a more-than-avg. successful Writer. There’s no limits to what the imagination can portray and project outwards — there’s no limit.

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