Grappling with depression

. . . . . . . You have a life to live. Now are you going to get up and live it?

. . . . . . . Time is the box you are in. You’ll be free in a century’s time. Then you’ll enter a new country, if you’re lucky, if you’ve done everything right.

“I want pills called September 10. You take one and your mind feels like the 11th never happened.” — Douglas Coupland

. . . . . . . Something like one-quarter of all American women are on some kind of medication, the vast majority being for depression issues. What are these “black dogs” that hound them so? How can we alleviate their problems?

. . . . . . . The starting point for any solution is exercise. Exercise gets the brain revving up in a sense, putting an umbrella up in another sense. It is the sweet juice that makes apple or orange juice so tasty. Exercise is a grandparent putting a loving arm around your shoulders.

. . . . . . . That’s the next point. Form social connections. Oftentimes when we are alone too much, we sink into depression. Or we’re surrounded by strangers, which can be even worse than being alone. A Canadian astronaut once said he wasn’t so lonely in space as he was in a big city with everyone rushing about and no one knowing him. Get in contact with your social-beast self and let loose a roar that everyone can hear.

. . . . . . . Volunteer. Doing good for others helps the majority of people. It wouldn’t help Catxman — I know myself that well — but being of benefit to society is a net positive for most. In Soviet Russia, the babushkas would go out on snowy days and brush aside the snow from the paths. A short-sighted person would be like, how could you abuse the old people? But the truth is the old want to be useful and it’s something they could do.

. . . . . . . There’s one more thing you can do that may not occur to many people. Make a buck. Making money is a profoundly satisfying thing to do, the most satisfying outside of sex. Unlike fucking, making a buck can be done again and again without pause, without exhaustion, without surcease.

. . . . . . . So there you have it. *dusts hands* A few of the things you can do if you suffer from depression. But perhaps the most important is to realize that life is short and all this will be over soon. It’ll blow over like a gale over vulnerable land. Soon YOU will be forgotten and YOUR DEEDS will be forgotten and YOUR MISDEEDS will be MIS-REMEMBERED. Time will dismember you and send your body parts to the four winds of space and time. The dreams of lace and flowers will throw roses on your rotting corpse.


14 thoughts on “Grappling with depression

  1. Exercise, yes! You gotta get mad at it. Hit the pavement, hit your floor with push-ups until you collapse. It creeeps in this time of year especially. Stealthy motherfucker. I was able to get out for a run today. And It was sunny. and I’m feeling grateful for that.

  2. This subject is of keen interest to me. I have a bachelors in psychology (So I’m a qualified expert Lol) No, but for real i view it as kind of like my life’s purpose to figure out the riddle of depression I’ve got hot takes on things like exercise, nutrition, supplements, going Gluten-free.. things associated with “endogenous” depression, which I struggle with occasionally. Meaning, when your own brain brings you down. I’m prone to hermitism, and so of course my blind spot is the social side of depression, more commonly associated with “exogenous” depression – when your World brings you down. As a matter of circumstance. If anybody who reads this wants to chat more, I’d be happy to.

  3. Everything is, so easy, when you’re, not personally, experiencing it, when we are, depressed, we become, too, fatigued, too, lethargic, to even, pick our selves up, go about our days, and, women are, more prone to, depression, because of the predisposition of, the hormones that we have, in our, systems…

    1. Men are just more stoic. They’re trained to cram their emotions into a box. This can be effective for a while, but it still does affect your day-to-day activities.

  4. I agree about the exercise and such can only add some tidbits comments. 1. Talk to someone you trust or a therapist that can help you deal with the issues behind your depression. 2. Learn to recognize the signs of depression if you experience it enough times and be proactive in dealing with it head on don’t ignore it take on the issues behind the depression and move forward in then controling the direction of your thoughts or exercising your body to feel better.

    1. Good points, all. I think the key point is that sometimes we don’t recognize when we’re mired in depression. It helps then to have an outside eye on you, looking you over, giving you pointers on what the real fo’real is.

  5. Fully with you, friends, family, exercise — I do gym three times a week — and , yes, having a creative outlet like writing; these things keep those black dogs at bay 🙂

    1. You have a program that works for you. I would add that any program should be tailored to the individual. Some need more exercise and less friends, some the other way around. Keeping busy also helps!

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