Who I don’t like

. . . . . . . You know what? You know who you are when I don’t like you. Those are the times you don’t want the door to hit your big butt on the way out.

. . . . . . . That’s right. Your big, wide, couch-challenging-designing ass. Look at Capt. Picard in the eyes. He’s not joking, and neither am I. I’ll tell you why.

. . . . . . . You come in here and you think my pro blog “has potential.” You have ideas for how it can be “spruced up.” Just a little change here and there. Nothing to worry my heart over.

. . . . . . . The first thing you want to change is sexual references to under-18 girls. Nobody normal wants to hump a 15-year-old (or younger!). That’s abnormal.

. . . . . . . Then you say don’t call me “my little chickadee.” You say that’ll get you deleting that comment. Oh really? *Catxman arches one beautifully thick eyebrow* Is that really so my little chickadee. Try to get along in your universe without me. Try to live without me.

. . . . . . . Then you’re a guy and you come because you keyed on the search word racism. So you want me to talk racial politics. Only problem with that is: WordPress has a long history of banning such content. That’s right — WordPress, the tech central with geeks and dweebs running and scurrying around, is “woke.” I’m not gonna risk getting banned to talk about things that drive you crazy about the current world.

. . . . . . . Then there’s boring style itself. I don’t understand why Apple computers are so great. I never understood the greatness of Apple computers. I know there’s an “in” crowd. I know Steve Jobs was the leader of said “in” crowd and died and passed away, and all the WordPress-types mourned him and went back to buying Wintel. (Explain that to me??) I digress.

. . . . . . . You never write Comments. Come on now. Comments are the goldfish-food-flakes that feed this monster blog’s giant piranha like mouth. *mouth opening* Opening. *garbled talk* Come on. Feed. More comments. Now.

. . . . . . . You don’t choose me over other blogs. Listen — I’m the pro blog. They’re just ordinary blogs. You only have so much time and attention-space in which to read. Dedicate it to mine. Devote it to the entries I produce. I produce them for


,so kneel down and scoop up that water and sprinkle it all over you face, cool and refreshing. This pro blog will satisfy all your needs if you give it a chance. Just don’t turn your back to it and walk away from it without giving it a chance. All I need is a hammer and a saw and I can make anything you dream of. Give me a Apple M1 Max processor and I’ll roam the skies. Just be patient with me and I’ll get to what you want. Explicitness guaranteed.

President Biden is, as he has to be, a jack-of-all-trades. It’s true that he’s one giant MEH *slumps forward as I speak* but he is president, after all. Maybe he’ll redeem himself in foreign policy with this Ukraine thing heating up. America still holds most of the cards, not least of which being the “moral leader,” the “true north” the world points to. Putin goes to sleep thinking “America the Right” and wakes up feeling “Mother Russia is my land.”

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