Zero null religious-system

. . . . . . . The lack of religion in modern-day times harkens back to the pantheons of ancient Greco-Roman society. Religion was an off-thought then, too. People acknowledged the gods, but didn’t pay any particular attention to them. When a war was fought, and lost, then the god of war might be propitiated, but otherwise you ignored him.

. . . . . . . All the Christian churches that sprung up in the New World by the thousands proved that, at the time, the belief-system was still intact and going. It is only in the large cities and in the 20th century that North America began to show a degradation in attendance from the religious masses. Of course, by then, in Europe, Christianity was already dying.

. . . . . . . What makes a system worth worshipping for, even dying for?

. . . . . . . It has to find a place for the individual worshiper. Despite the millions of other worshipers, you’ve got to feel you’re the One.

. . . . . . . It has to have exotic imagery. Television commercials have known this for a long time. Cleaning products don’t just squirt from a bottle, they danceacross — the — toiletbowl, back and forth, swishing and swoshing.

. . . . . . . The religion, to be worth worshiping for, has to have something for everybody. In Christianity, the Left wing feels it needs the love of Christianity. In Christianity, however, the Right wing feels it needs the place and sense of order provided by Christianity. Authority = love, in some weird alchemy. Both sides agree to overlook the incongruencies and paradoxes that a squished-together equation would proffer.

. . . . . . . At the end, near death, the believer can’t recant. He has to stay the course, for the benefit of the still-living. He can’t wonder, was it all for nothing? The priest is beneficial for holding his hand during this time of doubt and (potential) pain.

. . . . . . . All of life can be pain if you don’t have something grand to believe in. If there isn’t a vast red velvet curtain to draw back behind you during your time on and coming off stage, what’s the point of giving your all and performing your best?

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5 thoughts on “Zero null religious-system

  1. Yeah. Your right about the left and right Christian wings approach to Christianity. There is a even smaller group that holds to Christianity as a discipline and practice.

      1. I suppose for the majority of the people that founded the country were Christians. It was the people’s religion here not founded entirely on the beautiful building but the tenants of the faith, reason and the general moral ethical code of the western philosophy.

        1. I think it was also habit as much as anything else that led to the fouinding of so many churches. Also, I forgot to mention a sense of community. We’ve shattered the sense of community in so many places and not for the better.

          1. Well. Yes and no. For the masses that have converged down into this habit of rejecting of community and fellowships. At the same time isn’t everywhere and in most states in the U.S. that hasn’t gone away and in most cases Christianity/community is returning on the low outside of the mainstream tract of thought.

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