Personal update (O.D. Central)

I have the best location in the city of Vancouver. The middle of the Entertainment District. Most nights, you spill onto the street and the city is roaring with twentysomething visitors from outside the District. How many of them, I wonder, will die of a drug overdose?

This last week, two residents of my building O’Ded. In the month of December it was something like four. All the hailstorming events that happened over the past three weeks (three to four fierce hailstorms, especially one mammoth one to kick it off) seem to have been omens for the deaths-to-come.

I talked to the wizened old guy with the curly white beard. Supposedly he followed another one of the tenants across Canada but they never talk. Anyway, Mr. Curly let me in on the fatality stats. The manager had the key to the room and the desk clerk called her so she would call and check in the room.

“The body was all purple and leaking liquids,” she said. “It was gross.”

Well, shyeah. No shit. I just missed seeing it get carried out because I had to go somewhere.

The King-Pin Drug Lord acted offended when I questioned why he was so upset about Mr. Purple Skin. Previously, he had been having interpersonal problems with him for months. Of course it’s obvious why he acted upset. He wanted to throw off all suspicion that he had anything to do with the death, making it a murder if he had.

It must be a shitty life, living with your head down all the time and having to set up your own extra-active security system with four CCTV cameras of your own and a super-thick lock on your door. He says he’s not worried but his actions speak otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Personal update (O.D. Central)

  1. Sounds like the happening spot. Too bad about the OD’s though. King-pin should sell something else. When your product kills people you’re gonna have a bad time.

    1. King-Pin is a likable fellow, though. He’s on the in-and-in with the female manager. I think he makes her private parts TINGLE.

  2. Downtown Granville Street area, I take it. I used to hole up between the bridges across from the Granville Public Market, back when I was working in Vancouver. Tended to split the entertainment venues between Downtown and Gastown. “Boris” at the Rickshaw goes down as epic… ’14 I think. They weren’t invited back, and played downtown (at a somewhat more restricted volume) a few years later. Downtown was undergoing a lot of construction back then… becoming more gentrified. I think the last thing I saw there was a Tibetan vocalist.

    Always figured a person was more likely to die in a fight or an accident in some of the places I liked… more acid and mushrooms interacting with a tweeking street population on the way out. Downtown, yeah… but I could never see the point in drowning out the experience in opiates. But I don’t particularly like alcohol either. Maybe it’s just that where that spent Japanese salaryman concludes his disappointment by self-defenestration or under a train, Westerners prefer to commit suicide more slowly.

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