Negotiating with chicks

Here is an excerpt from this month’s backlog of ZMan’s quotations. Read closely:

In the business world, all negotiations start with a central question. Is there a deal to be made that both sides will accept? There is no point in negotiating if one or both sides is not willing to strike a deal. Salesmen are trained to think about this question whenever they engage with a prospective client. Unless they can show that a sale is possible, they should not waste their time. In order for negotiations to make sense, both sides have to want to make a deal and think a deal is possible.

I’m going to talk about girls here, and negotiating with them for sex. It should be fun, though not as fun as the real thing.

Girls like to believe they’ve chosen well in choosing sex. But they know, from past experience, they can easily be mistaken in choosing the wrong guy to penetrate them. This is the reason girls look for the guys who have gotten multiple girls. The men have come “pre-approved” as I put it to a guy I roomed with years ago.

But sex is just a negotiation. For one instance, are we going to hurt the girl’s feelings? Calling her a slut — or even the mere potential of calling her slut — knocks down the odds of coming to a pleasurable agreement.

Being rude or boring are more blockades to a potential good agreement. A man is supposed to be a bit smooth. Not too smooth, mind you. *smiles and bows* But just a little.

In return, the girl cannot give the impression of a hard-to-fuck ice princess. This is why chicks, when they go out to clubs, dress low to fuck, and not in chastity belts. A girl will show the right amount of cleavage. There is a general level of cleavage which is acceptable, and all girls decide on this.

With women in general, there are general levels to everything. The amount they laugh to your jokes has a general level to it. The titty display has a general level to it. The amount of time they spend with you before they leave the club has a general level to it.

Men can be conformists, too. 80% of men are always conformists, while 20% are like me — appealing individualists, mavericks, or self-seekers. I’ve approached women on the street and I’ve approached women while riding on the bus. It doesn’t matter much to me. It’s always a good sign when you get giggles from a girl, as I have in the past. One of the good points about being good-looking is that you get the benefit of the doubt, and the bar is low for you being accepted. It colors the whole general levels the female is willing to put out. She’ll display more titty for a hot guy, of course, then for another guy, but eventually he has to measure up to his looks. What is little understood is that a hot guy cannot bumble is way through an interaction but must be clearer in intent than an average looks guy.

What I’m trying to say is that the hot guy must merge his looks with his potential personality in order to realize the full benefits of his looks. If he can’t talk right, he’s fucked in terms of what he can get from the girl. She may even bail from the negotiated agreement to have sex.

If he wants a starry-eyed girl who will possibly have sex with another girl, he has to up the ante in terms of his essence, his who-he-is.

The primary aspect of essence is communications. Body language is a part of this, although people over-emphasize the importance of B.L. The biggest part is simply speech. The ability to tell stories and to go off into random tangents while being controlling and forceful with the girl on top of being good-looking is the trifecta of male boyfriends.

2 thoughts on “Negotiating with chicks

  1. The thing is, we women, care about more than sex in the romantic relationships we are trying to find, the communication, the affection, the commitments, and everything else that come into play for us, whereas for the men, you’re all, focused on what turns you on visually, but, it’s more than that for us, that is why, it won’t work with us, if, a you men are only, looking for, that, temporary, “fix”, because most of us women, are, seeking, the long-term, relationships, besides, this is evolutionarily based too. More sound for us, to, stay with, only, one partner, because it takes us, nine whole months, to pop a kid out, and, how long again, for you guys to “disperse” your “seeds” again? Oh, I don’t know, less that THREE, nanoseconds. So yeah, can’t BLAME us, for, not wanting to, allow you guys to “score”, on that, very, first “date” there

    1. But women recognize that offering sex is a way to HAVING a relationship in the first place. If she wants to get a guy, she has to put out SOMETHING. At least a hand job. And I think you underestimate a woman’s need for sex. She may prefer to be in a relationship, but if the conditions are right she will indulge herself at times. It really does depend on the woman. What I’m trying to say is, getting in bed with a woman varies from chick to chick, and she can often be convinced whereas before the answer was “no” and then suddenly it flips to “yes.” The worst thing for the guy is when a girls said “yes” one time and now she’s bleating “no.” I was clumsy once and had that happen to me.

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