Catxman stands 6’1″ and weighs 180 pounds. He lives in Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, by the Pacific Ocean. I am Catxman and I’m pleased to meet you.

The Cradle is where I go to chill. It is a source of relaxation and occasionally excitement. I like ideas, so you can expect to find plenty of those here, but too much thinky-think hurts the head, so we agree to have alot of dumb fun in the Catxman’s Cradle as well. My close cousin Danger Boy would jump for joy at the idea of dumb fun.

In this pro blog, I discuss every topic under the sun. There are no known limits. I take comments to my entries, and you can proceed to leave your thoughts by clicking on the big rectangular box at the BOTTOM of each screen.

This pro blog was started on June 22, 2021 during the dry season in Vancouver. Vancouver has three months of dryness where it hardly ever rains. The rest of the year it ranges from a light drizzle for many hours on end, to heavy rains that soak partially the hoodie of your jacket.

I live in the Entertainment District of Vancouver. One commenter enthused “Great neighborhood! Great city!” Vancouver regularly tops the list of cities worldwide for livability. When you live downtown, you are in walking range of the seawall, with their views of the ocean and the marina by the shoreline. There are expensive restaurants and luxe high rises nearby.

The Entertainment District is a single strip of long road called Granville. There used to be an old-fashioned video arcade nearby but the pandemic wiped that out. There are multiple dance clubs. Plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, especially pizza and Greek food. There’s a “Rock Shop” for you to buy music-band clothing and paraphernalia. (It’s where I got the Rush hoodie for the rain.)

Because my home is rent-controlled I hardly pay much to live there. It’s a small and compact home, but the location is extremely chic and can’t be beat. When it’s raining I put my hood up and step into the atmospheric wash of the skies. There are hexagons in the stairwell floors going down, and these remind me of the small purple hexagons on the screen of the Cradle pro blog that scroll across and down.

Enjoy yourself and be sure to tell your friends about this place.

— Catxman