Poem: Poets I have known

Catxman introduces, “This poem means a great deal to me. It ties together three threads — poets, building, and bad morality. I like to believe I’m a constructive builder with a bad morality who has the soul of a poet. *quiet little ta-hah* It is tres mondo important to hold up a positive self-image of […]

Poem: The shadow of my ghost

“The shadow of my ghost” a poem by Catxman I am not walking this countrysideThe shadow of my ghost does it for meI have my hand on a darkened leashThat makes room enough for three An Airbus plane circles lowerI see it descend much-depleted thriceIts high-velocity is nearly spentIts friendly descent is quite nice I […]

Poem: Blog after blog

Catxman introduces, “This is a hybrid mix of a poem with prose pulled from random quotes I made on different sites. Cherish the flavor!” . . . . . . . I am imagining a dance club now, filled with computers with flickering screens, each one displaying a different blog. Which screen are YOU on? […]

Poem: Tuscany

“Tuscany” a poem by Catxman If you lose your betall bets are offthe trees get chainsawedtime drops Sitting in each other’s presencethe glow of the moment risesthe shadow of the glow descendsall is as one The mirror holds the phantomthe phantom holds its own mirrormirror within silvered mirrormany get split The grand Tuscan sunthe rows […]

Poem: The majestic black train

“The majestic black train” A poem by Catxman If I lived on a train On a hard-packed, unbroken plain I’d be in motion all the time And my words would always rhyme X Nothing could touch me As far as I could see I’d live all alone in my splendor And feel warm all down […]

Poem: Passing

Catxman introduces, “This is an early attempt at the poetic form. Like a richly bodied Bordeaux wine, it must be sipped at to be appreciated. Like an empty track running field behind a high school, it begs a sprinter to try it out on for size. These are the tools of a well-worn life. Hang […]