Kids on their own

. . . . . . . You’ll hear it often. “Kids don’t have as much freedom this decade as they had in prior decades.” Or, “In the Fifties you could trust everyone.” . . . . . . . I don’t think things have gotten much more dangerous. In one year in Canada for […]

Seek yourself

. . . . . . . Loving life means you care for all the little details. After burning fast through so many years, the motorcyclist in me is forced to conclude that the little details are what derail you. And faster than you can blink, it can all be gone — in an instant, […]

Go for it

. . . . . . . Explosively rushing off the starter’s position you realize you’re leading! You’re actually leading the motherfucking pack! . . . . . . . Think about that. From a skyborne vector dangling a rope we climb into a balloon that’s drifting lazily over the landscape; that marks time with […]

Fortune favors the bold

. . . . . . . There are countless sayings out there, but my favorite is “Fortune favors the bold.” I’ve lived my life according to that credo and it’s paid major dividends for me. . . . . . . . The twin side of the coin is “Be patient and wait for […]

Who are you?

. . . . . . . You can be cool or you can be serious. Those are your two main options. . . . . . . . There is something of the court jester about the cool guy. Any man who takes his hair seriously cannot take the rest of his life seriously. […]

Vancouver summer

. . . . . . . It is high summer in Vancouver. The days are hot, and we need the fan to keep us cool. We wear shorts all the time. The babes are lookin’ fine. These are the days that those with expanding waistlines are legitimately punished. You can’t rock a chubby frame, […]

The creation of an ideal pro blog

. . . . . . . Hello, my lovelies. Today’s entry is going to be about writing pro blogs. A pro blog is not an ordinary blog. The creator of a pro blog has a vast breadth of knowledge and erudition and is additionally fun to read. The avg. blog falls woefully short in […]

Spectacular (and more spectacular!)

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” — Robert H. Schuller . . . . . . . I love to be surprised. There needs to be more of the spectacular in life. I don’t just mean on special occasions, either. Life demands that we set up spectacular dominos to fall one after the […]