Negotiating with chicks

Here is an excerpt from this month’s backlog of ZMan’s quotations. Read closely: In the business world, all negotiations start with a central question. Is there a deal to be made that both sides will accept? There is no point in negotiating if one or both sides is not willing to strike a deal. Salesmen […]

Seek yourself

. . . . . . . Loving life means you care for all the little details. After burning fast through so many years, the motorcyclist in me is forced to conclude that the little details are what derail you. And faster than you can blink, it can all be gone — in an instant, […]

Looking for Mr. Right

. . . . . . . The female singer Taylor Swift has had her share of guys. I doubt she’s had sex with many of them. She’s like a girl who’s dipped her toe in the waters, kissing occasionally, blowing kisses off her hand more often. . . . . . . . She’s […]

Catxman dating: Homes sweet homes

. . . . . . . Throughout my life, starting in early high school, I could have dated extensively. I could have lived with these people, been provided a roof over my head and good stylish clothes to boot. Every girl would have remembered me, vividly. There is a girl now who is interested […]

The innocence of pure love

. . . . . . . The scent of romance is like incense in that it fills the rooms and yet it is subtle as the hint from a dandelion waving in summer. There is nothing blunt about it, as corner to corner becomes suffused with the sweet aroma of chance, time, and encounter’s […]