Story: Terminator Blues

The Terminator was in the valley, hunting humans. It scanned from left to right without end. Its vision was in red, red like blood, red like iron. The Terminator was made of titanium, strong and inflexible. There were people down there, it knew. Tribes of humans had come together to try and defeat its kind. […]

Story: Hitchhiking on route 66

Catxman introduces, “This story was inspired by the photo I ripped from another website. It has that surrealistic effect I treasure so much — the visual version of the Spectacular (more spectacular!) entry that I wrote. It’s all good.” . . . . . . . The destiny of the world is to fall to […]

Story: The skull in the wall

Catxman introduces, “The picture in today’s entry was stolen and edited for production of the daily story. I saw the painting and I realized I just had to have a story to accompany it. So I made up my own.” “I think any student of military strategy would tell you that in order to attack […]

Story: And Gandalf failed…

Catxman introduces, “This story — And Gandalf failed — occurred to me in place of thinking about a more profound character … Sauron. Gandalf is a wizard, and that’s a good start to a fictional life. But then he becomes a real pussy and a positive nag. He has farts coming out of his mouth. […]

Story: She, the killer

“She, the killer” a short story by Catxman . . . . . . . Anna stood there, the knife dripping blood. It was her third victim, a little girl who had disturbed her sleep knocking on Anna’s door. . . . . . . . Anna lived on the government dole in her own […]

Story: The 1950s revival

“The 1950s revival” a short story by Catxman . . . . . . . Everything is quiet when the day’s done, when the work’s been wrapped up, when the cats are sleeping … and yet there is something not allowed: a hiss from a radiator nearby that says “hello there, stranger.” . . . […]

Story: Bill Clinton and Joe

“Promising too much can be as cruel as caring too little.” — Bill Clinton “Bill Clinton and Joe” A short story by Catxman . . . . . . . The limo broke down on I-78. Bill was heading to Pennsylvania to give a speech when it happened. He cursed and swore most un-presidentially. Standing […]

Into A White British Ghetto

“The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.” — Adam Smith “Into A White British Ghetto” by Catxman . . . . . . . The gun lay on the table. It was six o’clock in Great Britain and the shadows were long upon the land. The kid crept up on […]

Story: Black licorice

“Many of us will be obsessed with one or another kind of secret or revelation, be it gossip about friends or ourselves, a fantasy about spies, or a worry about the most personal information now stored in data banks. But few of us think about secrets in general, or about the moral rights and wrongs […]