Personal update (O.D. Central)

I have the best location in the city of Vancouver. The middle of the Entertainment District. Most nights, you spill onto the street and the city is roaring with twentysomething visitors from outside the District. How many of them, I wonder, will die of a drug overdose? This last week, two residents of my building […]

Walking Vancouver

. . . . . . . Walking Vancouver is always a pleasure. You’re surrounded by the ocean on three sides, so if you have an hour or two you can move from side to side, catching a glimpse of the mountains from different angles. . . . . . . . South of the […]

Who I don’t like

. . . . . . . You know what? You know who you are when I don’t like you. Those are the times you don’t want the door to hit your big butt on the way out. . . . . . . . That’s right. Your big, wide, couch-challenging-designing ass. Look at Capt. […]

Future rains to come

. . . . . . . Nearby is the ocean. Vancouver, perched over the Pacific with the mountains as a backdrop, is typical Pacific Northwest territory — beautiful, rugged, untamed, the streets a memory in the mist of the rain as everything blurs, becomes indistinct. . . . . . . . We are […]

Halls of marble

. . . . . . . I too am disappointed and angered by the changes made to Star Wars and to the DC comics. But I was never a big fan of moralizing to begin with. It never made sense to me that a man could have superhero powers and not use them for […]

Hometown blues

. . . . . . . I (Catxman) grew up in a medium-size suburb just south of Metro Toronto. On the maps it is included as part of the Toronto region. . . . . . . . Life was idyllic, peaceful. There wasn’t much crime to speak of and our police department twiddled […]