Zero null religious-system

. . . . . . . The lack of religion in modern-day times harkens back to the pantheons of ancient Greco-Roman society. Religion was an off-thought then, too. People acknowledged the gods, but didn’t pay any particular attention to them. When a war was fought, and lost, then the god of war might be […]

Late-night religious infomercials

. . . . . . . Christianity has a ton of warts growing on its face these days — the existence of millions bound to the Mormon church, the “abundance” philosophy and mega-millions mansion of Joel Osteen, and more. Perhaps there is a need for Christ 2.0? . . . . . . . […]

Mountain Escape

. . . . . . . We’re racing on a high mountain road that goes higher and higher and the clouds seem lower than they’ve been yet and still there’s that excited feeling in the pit of one’s stomach that says DAMN! THIS IS STILL GOING ON! . . . . . . . […]

Going down the deep end

“All that we fear we hold close to ourselves to survive. So if you’re drowning and you see a corpse floating by, hang on to it because it will rescue you.” — Tom Hardy . . . . . . . The Christian mythology has a saying: “God helps those who help themselves.” Which is […]

Energy is life

“I’d listen to a song and say, ‘Hang on, I like that piano thing,’ so I’d play the guitar like that and get the vibe from it, and it just evolved from the get-go. It was pretty obvious what to do; You don’t think about rock n’ roll: you just do it.” — Malcolm Young […]

Poem: The snowbound travelir

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” — Thomas Aquinas “The snowbound travelir” A poem by Catxman Weary, just this once, travelir?Seek out parallel dimensions with allureIn them you will be refreshedIn them your troubles will be put to the test Far away from hereMemories […]